To Whom It May Concern-

I have been using ES-135 treated apparel for approximately 2 years and am extremely happy with the results I have experienced. I suffered from L4/L5 stenosis and arthritis in my lower back. I couldn’t drive more than an hour without debilitating pain. When Mr. Terhune heard of my dilemma, he offered to treat my clothing. I had all my T-shirts and shorts treated and immediately felt the difference. As well, business trips by car were again possible. I routinely make 9 – 11 hour drives with no ill effects. In fact I fare better on these trip than I did 10 – 15 years ago.

Eventually, I had to have surgery for the stenosis. After the surgery, I attended my post-surgical appointment 2 weeks later. The surgeon was amazed at how advanced my movement was and how far along my wound had healed. He stated that the incision looked more like 4 – 6 weeks post-surgery than 2 weeks. He immediately cleared me with no restrictions or limitation for all physical activity. I attributed my advanced healing to the ES-135 treated clothing.

ES-135 is amazing technology. It can’t be washed out of clothing. It promotes increased blood flown for better healing. Finally, it boosts one’s strength level where applied. It is truly an amazing technology. I hope everyone responds as favorably to this technology as I have. It has definitely improved my quality of life.

Ron C – Yorktown, VA –(Ret) Naval Commander

Ron C
“Before processed clothing [imbued with ES135 Technology]: very distracted, constant redirecting to activities, inappropriate and prolonged play, unable to follow direction, did not imitate gestures or sounds, did not give or sustain eye contact to speaker, or respond to name…After receiving clothing [imbued with ES135 Technology] all areas improved. Changes were noticed at home and in the school. Attending to activities and following directions have shown the most improvement. He is initiating some communication with gestures and mouthing words, no sounds. This happened within 2 weeks of receiving clothing. Clothing was not used after a month to see what would happen. Without the clothing old behaviors came back, especially irritability and distraction.” –C. [3-year-old male; hydrocephaly, possible mental retardation, non-verbal]

After surgery a few weeks ago, I was sent home from hospital with my abdomen wrapped in gauze to protect six surgical incisions. A couple of days later when I changed the bandages, I replaced the hospital stuff with gauze treated with ES-135 technology. The difference was amazing! Not only did this gauze feel more comfortable on my skin, but I was amazed at how quickly my incisions felt and looked better. Seriously, this gauze seemed to have healing powers that I noticed within a day or two. After having a technologically advanced robotic surgery, it was great having a technologically advanced gauze that truly expedited my recovery. Where can I buy this stuff?

Fred P., Whittier, CA

Fred P
“…less nausea while on chemotherapy and I was able to feel less pain and relax enough to sleep at night…if I wear a shirt or place a shirt on my chest where my heart is located, …it eases the beats back to normal and makes the pain subside. The crazy thing is, it not only works once in awhile, but each and every time…When the neck gets…strained I suffer from severe migraines…Wrapping a shirt treated with ES135 Technology around my neck takes the pain and the migraine away each time…I was skeptical at first of the technology, as I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Knowing what I know about the human brain and how it works, made me skeptical…To test the theory myself, I asked if I could receive two shirts that were identical, only difference was the shirt size.” Subject conducted her own simple “blind” study with ES135 Technology-imbued shirts with positive results.

–SI [43-year-old female; cancer with chemotherapy-induced nausea, Supraventricular Tachycardia, past severe neck injury; Master’s Degree in Psychology]

“June 2014, after a demonstration of [ES135 Technology] and how it effects in a positive way, a noticeable improvement on extensions, and reach and strength on the body, I was given a shirt to use as a test subject. I wore the shirt on several occasions during my normal day to day activities, taking care not to be mindful of the testing that I was doing. I realize the strength of the mind in creating ghost effects or psychosomatic results, which is why I did not actively target any pre-existing symptoms prior to donning the garment. The first noticeable and noted effect was, the following day of each wearing of the shirt, I noticed the usual muscle or nerve pains which I always have, then looking back, didn’t have the day before while wearing the shirt. I also notice that I seem to have a bit more endurance those days as well. Knowing this is also something that could be attributed to varying factors such as sleep duration and the like, I paid a bit more attention to overall daily performance, to include flexibility, (which I am a bit stiff these days). The neck seemed to have more flex and less of the ongoing pain which I had become accustomed to. So, that was a noticeable improvement for day to day activity. Knowing the technology had been applied to the bag itself [the packaging of the shirt], I placed it at the small of my back on the seat of my Jeep prior to the 2 hr drive to the coast. Made no big deal of it, just dropped it behind and drove. Normally nerve pain is evident, and the initial exit, standing and walking after the drive is a bit painful, stiff, and that old man crouch for the first 8-10 steps. The back had no pain, no stiffness, and no crouching. This wasn’t even realized until I was at the front steps of the house when I thought about the plastic bag. In other words, I got up, walked to the house, without any pain from sitting, driving, bouncing. One of the friends which I was visiting was in extreme lower abdominal pain, so I just told him to tie the shirt around his waist, without giving him any reason. Immediately, he stated the pain had just been greatly reduced…I had to pry to shirt from him at the end of the weekend…visited my sister and brother-in-law 3 ½ hours away…again I had the plastic on the seat, same result. Bro-in-law was in extreme pain as always, due to many parachute jumps while in the military, lots of nerve pain…pain in the back, knees, sides, at one point it took him 20 mins to get out of his lazy chair. I let him use the shirt as well and the plastic bag…wherever he placed it, reduced his pain significantly…sister had stiffness in her knees from surgeries and some pain…instant pain reduction. Again, I had to pry it away at the end of the holiday….[colleague] with migraine headaches…during one of his painful moments, I removed the treated plastic bag from the small of my back [during a long drive] and handed it…to him, not telling him anything about it, just to hold it on his head. His response was…”wow…shit,…” again, instant reduction of pain…The plastic bag…remains at the small of the back on my office chair.”

–LW [61-year-old male; veteran]. See testimonials of ML and RL below.

“Whenever my leg hurts or my back or my arm, I just wrap it with these bandages [imbued with ES135 Technology] and it goes away. The shirts I wear a lot and I feel pretty good lately, absolutely no tremors. I’m convinced it works…amazing technology…” “Since wearing items that have been imbued with the ES135 Technology, I experience must less discomfort throughout my entire body. I have more energy…ES135 Technology has positively affected my life and the lives of those around me that I have shared it with, ranging from arthritis, to autism it’s amazing…Thank you. We all feel this is beneficial in so many ways.”

–ML [52-year-old female; Parkinson’s Disease, ACL replacement, meniscus trim left knee, left and right knee snow skiing injuries, osteo-degeneration, compression fracture L1 and L2 vertebrae]

October 2014: “Currently your processed [imbued with ES135 Technology] shirt is on my back. This shirt helps, I have worn it NOW for two days with my back brace, and I feel less pain today than yesterday”

December 2015: “[since using items imbued with ES135 Technology]…pain less intense, more tolerable…more energy…able to move longer, and do normal odd and end jobs around the house, that in the past I just had no energy to take on, or try…now able to assist with…things I used to do all the time, but have been unable to do for the past few years…I feel more agile, experience less pain and more able to bend and pick up things…now more active…I feel alive once again! In addition, to add to this I am now taking less medication…while wearing the technology I have less pain…I sense and feel better as a human…[being] overcome by pain…turned me into a mean old man…Thanks to ES135 [Technology] I believe it will open more doors for a longer and happier life…”

–RL [male; disabled veteran with 90%+ disability; former SF Green Beret; constant pain both legs, lower back, hips; degenerative issues both hips; left hip replacement; lower leg cramps; decreased ability to walk, run, ride a bicycle, workout at gym]

“This is wonderful.” Reports experiencing less pain and feels much better.

–Mother of ML [85-year-old female; back pain and “overall ageing pains and issues;” wears items imbued with ES135 Technology and sleeps on imbued bedsheets]

Mother of ML
“While wearing shirt imbued with ES135 Technology…neck and back have less pain…slept in it, awoke feeling GREAT.”

–Cousin of ML [female; fibromyalgia, Rhinauds Syndrome, Scleroderma]

Cousin of ML
“…awakens every day with stomach issues…wore the shirt…and no stomach issues…excited…”

–ML contact [physical therapist]

ML physical therapist
“feel loose…joints aren’t as tight when I wear the shirt [imbued] with ES135…when I wear the socks I feel the change in my feet, they don’t hurt after working 13hr days…ES135 has helped my overall ability to live and not deal with the constant pressure and strain on my body…it works in all types of weather and extreme conditions such as in the cooler [refrigerated food storage facility]…I love ES135 and how it makes me feel…it has helped with my back injuries. Being airborne for 6 years I endured a lot of jumps…the activity was fun, but the pain that came with jumping was not. ES135 has helped with the loosening of my back muscles and joints. Now I smoke just 1-2 times a day because in less stress due to the [pain] during my daily activities.”

–CF [28-year-old male; veteran; former U.S. Army Airborne Paratrooper; compression injuries of neck, back, legs, and feet from parachute jumping; muscle and joint strain from manual labor and standing/working for prolonged periods in warehouse with concrete floors]

“I had left foot cramping to the point of tears tonight! Put on my treated knee sock & now all better! Wonderful!!!!”
–SC [48-year-old female; recurrent lower extremity cramps]
Uses red shirt whenever…stiff and sore. Becomes less stiff and sore within a few hours. It is worn consistently until the problem is gone and used again when it reoccurs. The riding pants [imbued with ES135 Technology] help eliminate leg soreness.”

–D. [adult female]

“Shoulder pain improved when shirts are worn as well as foot and low back pain.”

–K. [adult female]

“I went to the dentist this morning and after the Novocain wore off, my jaw and left side of my face was killing me. Fortunately, I had one of the treated Chux here in the office and holding up to my face within 8 seconds took the ache and discomfort away. As long as I keep it up against my face, I am good to go. Magic stuff.”

–GB [59-year-old male]

“Woke up early yesterday afternoon with a medium-grade hangover, on top of my usual pain in the shoulder. I put on the shirt [imbued with ES135 Technology], started feeling alert and pain-free within a half hour, and worked productively until 10p. This morning I woke up with just a little soreness in the shoulder, as opposed to the usual sharp pain. Liking it!

–SG [adult male, chronic shoulder pain]

“sprained right hand due to weight lifting at the gym earlier in the day…wrap[ped] sock [imbued with ES135 Technology] around his hand…pain instantly went away.”

[adolescent male; hand injury]

“put on socks and…felt the sensitivity improvement in his feet the next morning.”

[retired policeman; diabetic; diabetic neuropathy; has requested a back brace be treated with ES135 Technology]

“fantastic results [during recovery from] bladder and prostate surgery…3rd degree Reiki healer…when use the treated gauze in sessions, Reiki healing intensity is tripled in strength.”

-B [Reiki healer; bladder and prostate issues]

“sprained ankle stepping off a curb…was at pain level 8…[donned a pair of socks imbued with ES135 Technology]…pain instantly went to a 4 and that was only if moving ankle.”

-T [adult female, ankle injury]

I am a 21 year old kidney failure patient who’s on dialysis three times a week and has hypertension. I was given shirts that were meant to help regulate my blood pressure by Mr MK about 2 months ago. Since I’ve received these shirts my blood pressure has gone down from an average of 180/120 to 150/110. These shirts are amazing and I cannot continue to keep wearing them and seeing more progress in my blood pressure.